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Effects of various processing methods on free and bound amino acid contents of potatoes

  • A. S. Jaswal


The effects of various processing methods on available lysine and total and free amino acid levels of low (1.065 – 1.075) specific gravity (LSG) and high (1.095 – 1.106) specific gravity (HSG) potatoes were investigated.

LSG potatoes after canning and chip making showed approximately 40% loss of total amino acid contents. Such losses in drum dried potatoes were approximately 20% and that of french fries 4.5%. All processing methods adversely affected the available lysine content; chips and canned potatoes showing the maximum loss, followed by drum dried and french fried potatoes.

Losses in HSG potato products showed a trend similar to that of LSG material, but on a considerably reduced scale.


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  • A. S. Jaswal
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  1. 1.The Research and Productivity CouncilFrederictonCanada

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