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Effects of acupuncture at acupoint Neiguan (PC 6) and intravenous injection of Larginine on the improvement of acute myocardial ischemia

  • Xzhou Pei-hua
  • Lv Juan-xiu
  • Zhu Da-nian
Basic Study


Objective: The present study is to observe and compare the different effects of electro-acupuncture(EA) at acupoint Neiguan (PC 6), intravenous administration of L-arginine (L-Arg, a precursor of nitric oxide), and the drug administration combined with the EA on acute myocardial ischemia(AMI) in rats.Methods: The rat model of AMI was established by occlusion of the anterior descending branch of the left coronary artery, then the animals were divided randomly into 5 groups, i.e. control group, AMI group, L-Arg treatment group, EA treatment group and L-Arg plus EA treatment group, the mean arterial pressure(MAP), heart rate(HR) and the cardiac functions were observed and recorded.Results: The data showed that MAP, HR and all the indices of cardiac functions in the AMI group were significantly lower than those in control group, and the indices in each treatment group were all improved to different extents, especially in L-Arg plus EA treatment group.Conclusion: The combined use of L-Arg and EA had the better therapeutic effect on the AMI.

Key Words

Larginine Nitric oxide Electroacupuncture Myocardial Ischemia 

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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Teching and Research Section of PhysiologyShanghai Medical Workers CollegeShanghaiP.R. China
  2. 2.Ningxia Medical CollegeYinchuanP.R. China
  3. 3.Department of Physiology & PathophysiologyShanghai Medical college of Fudan UniversityShanghaiP.R. China

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