Consideration of hydrodynamic characteristics, sediments & environmental problems of muddy coast in the construction of lianyungang Harbour

  • Yu Zhi-ying
  • Jin Liu
  • Zhang Qing-shu


After nearly 20 years of construction, we have successfully solved a series of hydrologic sedimentary and environment problems encountered during the construction of the big deep water harbour in Lianyungang which can now accommodate ships of 5000 tonnage. With the economic development, the channel of 5000 tonnage will be built soon, and one of 10000 tonnage is under planning. The construction of the international container shipping hub at the harbour is being accelerated in anticipation of the opening of the second Eurasian land bridge. The future development of the harbour will give great impetus to the local economy of Lianyungang City and make it an international city.

Key words

Lianyungang Harbour muddy coast hydrodynamic sediments environment 


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© Science Press 1994

Authors and Affiliations

  • Yu Zhi-ying
    • 1
  • Jin Liu
    • 2
  • Zhang Qing-shu
    • 2
  1. 1.Institute of Estuarine and Coastal ResearchEast China Normal UniversityShanghai
  2. 2.Headquarters of Lianyungang Port ConstructionLianyungang

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