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Treatment of diabetic gastric disorder with acupuncture: A report of 46 cases

  • Song Xia
Forums: Diabetes Mellitus


Major points: Zhongwan (CV 12), bilateral Zusanli (ST 36) and Neiguan (PC 6); for excessive cold-dampness, plus Pishu (BL 20) and Sanyinjiao (SP 6); for Liver-qi affecting stomach, plus Yinlingquan (SP 9) and Taichong (LR 3); for deficiency of both spleen and stomach, plus Pishu (BL 20) and Weishu (BL 21). Forty-six cases of diabetic gastric disorder were treated with acupuncture and 30 cases got marked effect, 16 cases got effect and the total effective rate reached 100%.

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Acupuncture-Moxibustion Syndrome Differ Classification Diabetes Mellitus 

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  • Song Xia
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  1. 1.Specialty of DiabetesJinan Engine HospitalShandongChina

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