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Two-potential formula continued off-the-energy-shell

  • B Talukdar
  • M Chatterji
  • M Kundu
Quantum Mechanics


We derive an off-energy-shell generalization of the two-potential formula by using a coordinate-space approach and apply the formalism to construct algorithms for studying spatial behaviour of the fully off-shellT matrix. We also suggest some future applications of the proposed theory.


Nuclear reactions scattering theory off-shell two-potential formula interpolating equations forT matrix 


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© Indian Academy of Sciences 1981

Authors and Affiliations

  • B Talukdar
    • 1
  • M Chatterji
    • 1
  • M Kundu
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of PhysicsVisva-Bharati UniversitySantiniketanIndia

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