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Electronic structure of non-magnetic impurities in dilute alloys of Al

  • P Singh
  • S Prakash


The electronic structure of substitutional non-magnetic impurities Cu, Ag, Cd, Mg, Zn, Ga, In, Ge, Si and Sn in Al is studied using density functional theory. A simple physical model is proposed to calculate the effective charges on impurities in trivalent metal Al. A linear relation is found between the effective charges on impurities and impurity vacancy capture radii. The spherical solid model (SSM) is used to account for discrete nature of the host. The impurity-induced change in charge density, scattering phase shifts, host-impurity potential, residual resistivity and impurity self-energy are calculated. Higher order scattering phase shifts are found significant and the host-impurity potential is found proportional to effective charge on impurity in its vicinity. The self-consistently calculated potential is used to calculate the electric field gradients (EFGs) at the first and second nearest neighbours (1NNs, 2NNs) of impurity. The calculated values are in agreement with the experimental results.


EFG defects resistivity 


71.50 71.55 


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© the Indian Academy of Sciences 1994

Authors and Affiliations

  • P Singh
    • 1
  • S Prakash
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of PhysicsPanjab UniversityChandigarhIndia

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