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Temperature variation of the Debye-Waller factors of metal and halide ions in CsCl and CsBr powders by X-ray diffraction. I. Debye-Waller factors of Cs+ and Cl ions in CsCl from room temperature to 90°K

  • V Ganesan
  • K S Girirajan
Condensed Matter Physics


The temperature variation of the Debye-Waller factors of Cs+ and Cl ions in CsCl powder has been studied using X-ray powder diffraction. A continuous flow cryostat has been used to record the diffractograms and the integrated intensities of the Bragg peaks at different temperatures have been obtained. The integrated intensities of the odd and even reflections have been analysed following the structure of the CsCl compound and the Debye-Waller factors of the Cs+ and Cl ions have been estimated. The results have been verified by structure factor least squares refinement. Theoretical shell model lattice dynamical calculations have been done using a 7-parameter model in the harmonic approximation and the values compared with the present X-ray measurements.


Cryostat powder diffraction Debye-Waller factor structure factor least square lattice dynamics caesium chloride thermal diffuse scattering correction 


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© Indian Academy of Sciences 1988

Authors and Affiliations

  • V Ganesan
    • 1
  • K S Girirajan
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Crystallography and BiophysicsUniversity of MadrasMadrasIndia

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