Sugli anelli ternari di Hestenes

  • Antonino Giorgio Spera


We study Hestenes rings (H-rings)R and we give a characterization of the Jacobson radicalJ(R). We prove that ifR is semisimple thenR is a subdirect sum of quasi-primitive H-rings, and that ifR has D.C.C. on right ideals thenJ(R) is nilpotent and every nil right ideals ofR lies inJ(R). Moreover we show that ifR is a H-ring with A.C.C. on right (left) ideals, then every nil right ideal is nilpotent and avery nil left ideal is nilpotent.


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  • Antonino Giorgio Spera
    • 1
  1. 1.Belmonte Mezzagno(Palermo)

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