Rendiconti del Circolo Matematico di Palermo

, Volume 27, Issue 1, pp 95–112 | Cite as

Homogeneization problems for ordinary differential equations

  • Livio C. Piccinini


In this paper we give a simplified definition ofG-convergence for ordinary differential equations and we state some theorems on homogeneization; part of the contents of this paper has been first published in the book [2].


Ordinary Differential Equation Cauchy Problem Bounded Interval Cauchy Sequence Lipschitz Condition 
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    Piccinini L. C.,G-convergence for Ordinary Differential Equations with Peano phaenomenon, to appear on Rend. Sem. Mat. di Padova (1977).Google Scholar
  2. [2]
    Stampacchia G., Piccinini L. C., Vidossich G.,Problemi e metodi per le equazioni differenziali ordinarie, to appear printed by Liguori, Napoli.Google Scholar

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Livio C. Piccinini
    • 1
  1. 1.Facoltà di Scienze Statistiche dell'UniversitàPadova

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