Seed germination ofThuja orientalis under PEG osmose treatment

  • Song Hong


Thuja orientalis seeds was treated by different molecular weight, different concentration and different lasting time in the Seedling Laboratory of Northeast Forestry University. The results are as follows:(1) it shows significant promoting effects on the germination viability of seeds by different molecular weight of PEG(-6000, -10000 and -20000), and PEG-10000 is the best. (2)Different effects on germination viability, germination rate and simple vigor index are made by different concentration of the same weight molecular(PEG-10000), the promoting effects are shown when the concentration is below 30%, and from 20% to 30% is the best range, but inhibitions will be shown if the concentration is more than 35%. (3)The most suitable lasting time of osmose treatment of PEG-10000 with 20% concentration is from 2 to 4 days, not more than 6 days, but it will show significant inhibition if the treated time is more than 8 days. (4)The treatments of PEG-10000 and PEG-20000 with higher molecular weight can increase the germination rate and seed vigor, and decrease the electric conductivity of the seed soaking liquid after the natural air-dry treatment. The suitable time of natural air-dry is about 6 to 8 hours. It is also concluded that the PEG osmose treatment is an effective method to increase the germination rate by the field simulation in the laboratroy.

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PEG osmose treatment Seed germination Thuja orientalis 


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