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Recent advances in the physiology of forest insects in China

  • Dai Huaguo


In China the research in the physiology of forest insects began in the 1970s, and in the 1980s a great deal of research works was done in this field, a lot of which were concentrated on the isolation, identification and synthesis of sex pheromoncs on the injurious forest insects with in Lepidopteron and Coleopteron. In the field of tree resistance physiology, some advances were achieved in the resistance mechanism of poplar to Longicorn beetles and promincnts. The research of the resistance of pine toMatsucoccusmatsumurae Kuwana is now also going on. In addition, the seductive function of plant sex scduccmcnts to the Longicorn beetle and its digestion physiology arc also being studied. Many reports on the analysis of proteins, isocnzymcs and amino acids applied to classification of Longicorn beetles, Pine moths and Aphids have been published. A relatively deep insight was gained in the physiological characters of overwintering larvae ofColeophoradahurica Flkv. in the deep cold region of Heilongjiang province in China and the cold tolerant larvae ofDendrolimus punctatus Walker in southern China. In the realm of the artificial forage of natural enemy insects and their breeding, the study of Trichogramma is occupying the leading position.

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Forest insect physiology sex pheromone Resistance to pest sex attract Isoenzyme overwinter physiology artificial feeder 


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