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Composition analysis and research development of northern forest ants

  • Shi Yaqin


The compositions of two kinds of ants (Formica cunicu Laria andPolyrhachis vicina Roger) were determined with modern apparatuses. The result was that content of crude protein, fat, vitamin E, formic acid were 43.95%, 22.90%, 15.61 mg/Kg, 4.2% respectively forFormica cunicu Laria, and 42.56%, 21.90%, 131.2 mg/Kg, 3.8% respectively forPolyrhachis vicina Roger.

Key words

Ant Composition Analysis Protein Vitamin Formic acid Aminoacid Trace elements 


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  • Shi Yaqin
    • 1
  1. 1.College of Wildlife ResouresNortheast Forestry UniversityChina

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