Snow-melt run-off studies using remote sensing data

  • A. S. Ramamoorthi


Snow-covered area (SCA) is a critical input in snow-melt run-off studies. It is difficult to get timely information about SCA, especially of mountain watersheds, by conventional survey methods, including aerial surveys. With the advent of satellite remote sensing, it has now become possible to obtain reliable and regular SCA data. This has led to the development of snow-melt run-off simulation and forecasting models using SCA derived from LANDSAT and NOAA data; the models in use in USA and India are described.


Snow-melt run-off forecasting simulation operational models satellite remote sensing 


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  • A. S. Ramamoorthi
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  1. 1.Hydrology DivisionNational Remote Sensing AgencyHyderabadIndia

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