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1. Introduction to algorithms
  • R. K. Shyamasundar
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In this introductory article the concept of algorithm which forms the foundation of computer science is defined. A diagrammatic form of describing algorithms known as flow-charts is introduced and used to express some elementary algorithms.


Great Common Divisor Path Statement Diagrammatic Form Elementary Algorithm Prescribe Action 
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Suggested reading

  1. D E Knuth. Art of Computer Programming —Volume 1. Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. 1972. This volume, which discusses fundamental algorithms, is an advanced and authoritative book on the subject.Google Scholar
  2. E W Dijkstra. A Short Introduction to the Art of Programming. Computer Society of India. 1977. This is a lucid article written by a pioneer whose research work formed the basis for transforming programming from an art to science.Google Scholar
  3. G Polya. How to Solve It. Princeton University Press. 1973. Even though this book does not deal with computational algorithms it is recommended reading as it provides insights into the process of problem solving.Google Scholar
  4. R G Dromey. How to Solve it by Computer. Prentice-Hall of India, New Delhi. 1990. Following Polya’s philosophy, this book explains approaches to problem solving algorithmically.Google Scholar

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  • R. K. Shyamasundar
    • 1
  1. 1.Computer Science GroupTata Institute of Fundamental ResearchBombayIndia

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