Denting and strongly extreme points in the unit ball of spaces of operators

  • T. S. S. R. K. Rao


For 1 ≤p ≤ ∞ we show that there are no denting points in the unit ball of ℓ(lp). This extends a result recently proved by Grząślewicz and Scherwentke whenp = 2 [GS1]. We also show that for any Banach spaceX and for any measure space (Ω, A, μ), the unit ball of ℓ(L 1 (μ), X) has denting points iffL 1(μ) is finite dimensional and the unit ball ofX has a denting point. We also exhibit other classes of Banach spacesX andY for which the unit ball of ℓ(X, Y) has no denting points. When X* has the extreme point intersection property, we show that all ‘nice’ operators in the unit ball of ℓ(X, Y) are strongly extreme points.


Denting point strongly extreme point M-ideal 


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  1. 1.Indian Statistical InstituteBangaloreIndia

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