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Blood and plasma ascorbic acid in Indian childhood cirrhosis

  • B. N. Raman
  • S. C. Vij


The whole blood and plasma ascorbic acid levels were measured in 22 healthy and 25 cirrhotic children of both sexes, and 12 to 36 months age. The mean values of whole blood ascorbic acid in the control and cirrhotic children were 1.39±0.05 mg.% and 1.16±0.15 mg.% respectively.

Plasma ascorbic acid levels were 0.48±0.04 and 0.37±0.06 mg.% in the control and cirrhotic children respectively. The differences were found to be statistically significant and cirrhotic children were found in a subclinical state of ascorbic acid malnutrition.


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  • B. N. Raman
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  • S. C. Vij
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  1. 1.Bikaner

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