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Review of foreign research and development on computer-aided metal forming systems

  • Francis W. Boulger


This article reviews foreign studies on methods of using electronic computers to improve productivity and lower the costs of manufacturing discrete parts by forming processes. Some improvements will result from applying electronic controls, similar to those used quite widely for metalcutting machines, to metalforming equipment. That change will reduce the charges for direct labor on product costs. It appears, however, that the use of computers will have more important and drastic effects by changing the production system for making parts in small and medium-size lots. Computer assistance in design, production planning, scheduling, record keeping, and material handling is capable of reducing the labor input of white-collar and overhead personnel. Substantial benefits are anticipated. For instance, some investigators claim that 60 pct of the manual effort in the design stage can be eliminated by using computers. Productivity based on total labor effort should, eventually, improve by more than a third. The cost benefits will be less because generating useful software programs, for computers, is expensive.


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