Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing

, Volume 22, Issue 3, pp 277–287 | Cite as

On algebras of Toeplitz fuzzy matrices

  • A. R. Meenakshi


In this paper, necessary and sufficient conditions are given for a product of Toeplitz fuzzy matrices to be Toeplitz. As an application, a criterion for normality of Toeplitz fuzzy matrices is derived and conditions are deduced for symmetric idempotency of Toeplitz fuzzy matrices. We discuss similar results for Hankel fuzzy matrices. Keywords: Fuzzy matrix, Toeplitz and Hankel matrices.

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Toeplitz fuzzy matrices Hankel fuzzy matrices 


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© Korean Society for Computational & Applied Mathematics and Korean SIGCAM 2006

Authors and Affiliations

  • A. R. Meenakshi
    • 1
  1. 1.Annamalai UniversityAnnamalainagarIndia

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