Synthesis of novel covalent-linked linear porphyrin-thiophene copolymers

  • Chen Zhang-ping
  • Duanmu Chuan-song
  • Xiao Li


Linear porphyrin-thiophene copolymers were synthesized by linking 5, 15-positions of porphyrin with tetrathiophene or bithiophene moieties for preparing conducting polymer. 2,8,12,18-tetraethyl-3,7,13,17-tetramethyl-5, 15-dithienylporphyrin4a (45.1%), 5, 15-di-bithienyl- 2,8,12,18-tetraethyl-3, 7, 13, 17-tetramethylporphyrin4b (61. 2%) and their metal complexes were also reported in high yields (>90%) as the monomers. 5, 15-di-bithienylporphyrin and its metal complexes could be polymerized by oxidation using FeCl3 as oxidant. However, 5,15-dithienylporphyrin and its metal complexes can not be polymerized by same reaction. Their polymers were synthesized by electrochemical oxidation on the gold-plate electrode. The structures of copolymers were identified by elemental analysis and IR spectra. And the conductivity of poly 5,15-di-bithienylporphyrin was measured to reach over 1.0× 10−6S/cm.

Key words

organic conductor thienylporphyrin porphyrin-thiophene copolymer electropolymerization 

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O 62 


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© Springer 2004

Authors and Affiliations

  • Chen Zhang-ping
    • 1
  • Duanmu Chuan-song
    • 1
  • Xiao Li
    • 1
  1. 1.College of Chemistry and Molecular SciencesWuhan UniversityWuhan, HubeiChina

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