Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences

, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 458–462 | Cite as

Wetland ecosystem function assessment and the sustainable development in Jianghan plain-lake district of China

  • Wang Xue-lei
  • Wu Yi-jin


Wetlands in Jianghan plain-lake district fulfill many uses and functions related to hydrology, waste assimilation, ecosystem productivity and bio-diversity. But human incorrect activities generally result in significant negative impacts on number, biodiversity, and functioning of wetlands. In order to put wetland resources to rational use and protect wetland ecological environment, some effective measures should be taken.

Key words

wetland function sustainable development Jianghan plain 

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© Springer 2002

Authors and Affiliations

  • Wang Xue-lei
    • 1
  • Wu Yi-jin
    • 2
  1. 1.Institute of Geodesy and GeophysicsChinese Academy of SciencesWuhan, HubeiChina
  2. 2.Department of HistoryWuhan UniversityWuhan, HubeiChina

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