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Synthesis of glucoside compounds of ferrocenyl phenols and their antianemic activity


Six glucoside compounds have been synthesized by means of phase-transfer catalytic method and deacetylation from the starting material ferrocene. Their structures have been confirmed by elementary analysis, IR,1HNMR and MS. The antianemic activities of some compounds have also been tested. Results indicate that these glucoside compounds possess the antianemic activities and therefore, the further study is well worth making.

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Correspondence to Liu Huiying.

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Supported by the foundation of Wuhan Metropolis Commission of Science and Technology

Liu Huiying: born in 1937, Professor

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Huiying, L., Yong, C., Hongxing, Z. et al. Synthesis of glucoside compounds of ferrocenyl phenols and their antianemic activity. Wuhan Univ. J. Nat. Sci. 3, 81–85 (1998).

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Key words

  • ferrocenyl phenol
  • glucosidic bond
  • antianemic activity
  • ferrocenyl derivatives
  • organometal glucoside compound