Hydrotechnical Construction

, Volume 33, Issue 12, pp 677–682 | Cite as

Riga hydroelectric power plant—25 Years: Provision for safe operation of water-development works and hydromechanical equipment

  • M. F. Rogal’
  • V. A. Zolotarev
  • V. I. Shcherbina
Experimental Operation of Hydrodevelopments


The 25-year service of the Riga hydroelectric power plant has demonstrated reliable operation of the installed power-generating and hydromechanical equipment. The condition of the water-development works has also given no cause for special concern from the standpoint of ensuring their safe operation.

A large amount of the monitoring-measuring equipment installed by service personnel are completely preserved and provide for reliable monitoring of structure behavior.

Data derived from field observations have completely confirmed the correctness of solutions adopted in the design of both the earth and concrete structures.

The computerized information-diagnostics system installed at the plant has made it possible to develop a data base of observational results, and process and analyze them on a qualitatively higher level. Service personnel have the capacity to assess independently the safe condition of a structure for the adoption of timely measures to prevent emergency situations.


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  • M. F. Rogal’
  • V. A. Zolotarev
  • V. I. Shcherbina

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