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At risk factors in a rural area

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In the present study, “At risk factors” concept was applied to 1971 children of Community Development Block, Kathura. Indicators of severe malnutrition could pick up 24.0 per cent of children meriting special intervention. 55.8 per cent of the mothers were economically active in this socio-cultural settings. 58.1 per cent of the children hailed from below poverty line families, improvident maternity prevailed to the extent of 28.4 per cent while 52.0 per cent of the heads of the house-holds happened to be landless agriculture labourers.

Key words

At risk factors Malnutrition 


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  • S. Lal
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Social & Preventive MedicineMedical CollegeRohtak

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