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, Volume 22, Issue 10, pp 1305–1309 | Cite as

High temperature superconductivity: Magnets and applications of naval interest

  • Donald U. Gubser
  • Thomas L. Francavilla
  • Robert J. Soulen
  • Dean L. Mitchell
Special Issue Paper


The Navy has had a long standing interest in power applications of superconductivity. Recent advances in high temperature superconducting (HTS) materials have caused the Navy science and technology community to assess the potential of HTS magnets for Naval applications. A program has begun to test HTS conductors and magnets in order to determine realistic performance expectations from which to determine proper systems integration. This paper presents some early results of industrially produced HTS magnets and discusses possible Naval applications. Speculative application toward magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) propulsion is also discussed-specifically with respect to HTS materials.

Key words

Critical currents magneto-hydrodynamic-propulsion magnets neon wire 


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Copyright information

© The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 1993

Authors and Affiliations

  • Donald U. Gubser
    • 1
  • Thomas L. Francavilla
    • 1
  • Robert J. Soulen
    • 1
  • Dean L. Mitchell
    • 2
  1. 1.Naval Research LaboratoryWashington DC
  2. 2.Mitchell AssociatesWashington, DC

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