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Additive models in mining and exploration

  • Konrad Wälder


In this paper we present the use of additive models (AMs) for geostatistical applications. AMs are generalizations of linear regression models which hold the central place in the toolbox of applied statisticians. Generally speaking, the linear relationship between response and predictors is replaced with a general functional form. Recently such models were introduced in geostatistics. Especially, we give an approach for binary data. In this case we get generalized additive models (GAMs). Logistic regression is quite popular in medical and biological research. Using logit links also in GAMs we get so called additive logistic models. An application for geostatistical data is introduced. In a second approach we use AMs for spatial prediction and surface modelling. In both cases an advantage of multivariate data can be taken. The proposed applications can be used in the development of exploration strategies, especially in the early stage of exploration

Key words

Additive models regression geostatistics kriging spatial statistics 


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© International Association for Mathematical Geology 1997

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Graduate college for spatial statisticsFreiberg University of Mining and TechnologyFreibergGermany

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