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Illustrating the lecture: Prepared diagrams vs. built-up diagrams

  • H. Maddox
  • R. J. Loughran


The opinions of senior students largely confirmed the earlier speculative analysis. The sequential build-up of diagrams simplified the task of copying and, since oral and visual exposition were synchronized, led to better understanding. But the greatest advantage was that it gave the class enough time to take notes. When prepared transparencies are used, the lecturer seems irresistibly tempted to hurry on at too great a pace. All teachers subjectively exaggerate the length of an unfilled time interval in which they have nothing to do; they become impatient and allow insufficient time for the slower members of a class to complete tasks. Therefore, if lecturers believe that visually presented materials should be recorded, then they should either build up the materials as they go or discipline themselves to wait until the class has had reasonable time to record them.


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  • H. Maddox
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  • R. J. Loughran
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  1. 1.Higher Education Research UnitUniversity of NewcastleAustralia
  2. 2.geographyUniversity of NewcastleAustralia

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