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The effect of albumin, ceruloplasmin, and other serum constitutents on Fe(II) oxidation

  • Franklin J. Carver
  • David L. Farb
  • Earl Frieden


This study has analyzed the role of several serum constituents, that have been proposed to effect the following reactionin situ: {fx1-1} {fx1-2} These reactions were monitored by measuring the rate of Fe(II) oxidation in the presence of apo-transferrin (reaction A) and Fe(III)-transferrin formation (reaction B) at 465 nm. Reactions A and B were found to be kinetically equivalent. The results show that, singly or in combination, bicarbonate, orthophosphate, citrate, apo-transferrin, and/or albumin have less than one-tenth of the ability to enhance the oxidation of Fe(II) compared to the serum enzyme, ceruloplasmin. It was also found that the rate of Fe(II) oxidation by serum Fe-ligands was influenced by the efficiency of oxygen utilization. Whereas ceruloplasmin produces a 4∶1 ratio of Fe(II) oxidized to oxygen utilized, the non-enzymic components yield a 2∶1 or 3.09∶1 ratio. These data support the role of ceruloplasmin as an antioxidant that prevents the formation of the intermediate active oxygen species O 2 · and H2O 2 · through the Fe(II) auto-oxidation reaction.

A hitherto unrecognized factor in the control of nonenzymic oxidation of Fe(II) was serum albumin. This protein, at >25 μM, was found to sharply dampen the rate of Fe(II) oxidation in the presence of a physiological concentration of bicarbonate, citrate, and transferrin Albumin did not appear to affect the ceruloplasmin catalyzed oxidation of Fe(II) at pH 7.0. The addition of ceruloplasmin effected up to a 44 × increase in the rate of Fe(II) oxidation and Fe(III)-transferrin formation even in the presence of 0.60 mM albumin.

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Franklin J. Carver
    • 1
  • David L. Farb
    • 1
  • Earl Frieden
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of ChemistryFlorida State UniversityTallahassee

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