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Phage presentation and affinity selection of a deletion mutant of human lnterleukin-3


A deletion derivative of the cytokine human interleukin-3 (hIL-315–125, comprising amino acids 15–125 of the native protein) was produced as a fusion to the filamentous phage surface protein pIII. The cytokine was detected in association with phage particles by protein immunoblotting. Compared to an equivalent quantity of soluble cytokine, phage-presented hIL-315–125 exhibited reduced biological activity in a hIL-3-dependent cell proliferation assay. The reduction in activity was attributable to presence of phage particles in the assay, rather than directly owing to physical incorporation of the cytokine into the phage particle. Owing to the position of the amber codon in the phagemid vector, the phagemid-produced free hIL-315–125 species (designated hIL-315–125 ε) had 20 amino acids appended to its C-terminus; hIL-315–125 ε did not exhibit reduced bioactivity. hIL-315–125-presenting phage were affinity-selected with either a hIL-3-reactive polyclonal antibody or with cells expressing the heterodimeric hIL-3 receptor. These data are consistent with the use of phage-display technology for the affinity selection of hIL-3 variants with modified biological properties.

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amino acid




acute myelogenous leukemia cell




borate buffered saline


baby ham-ster kidney cell


base pair(s)


bovine serum albumin


bovine somatotropin (growth hormone)


3-(cyclohexylamino)-1-propane-sulphionic acid




counts per minute


Dulbecco’s modified Eagle’s medium


Dulbecco’s phosphate buffered saline


enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay


fetal bovine serum


human ciliary neurotrophic factor


human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor


human growth hormone


human granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor


human interleukin-3


receptor for human interleukin-3


human interleukin-5




tail protein of filamentous bacteriophage


DNA polymerase chain reaction


polyethylene glycol


sodium dodecyl sulfate


titerable unit of phage




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