Cell Biophysics

, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 103–116 | Cite as

Automated analysis of living cells through the quantitative use of automated phase contrast microscopy

  • Francesco Beltrame
  • Bruno Bianco
  • Alessandro Chiabrera


A simplified theory of image formation in phase contrast microscopy is presented. It is shown that the phase shift induced in light (related to the refractive index) by the observed object can be reconstructed, point by point, from the phase-contrast digitally sampled image through an appropriate algorithm. This allows one to make quantitative observations on unstained, living cells.

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Phase contrast microscopy, of living cells digital image processing, in phase contrast microscopy optical microscopy, of living cells microscopy, of living cell by phase contrast image processing, in phase contrast microscopy cells, automated phase contrast microscopy of 


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© The Humana Press Inc. 1984

Authors and Affiliations

  • Francesco Beltrame
    • 1
  • Bruno Bianco
    • 1
  • Alessandro Chiabrera
    • 1
  1. 1.Dipartimento di Ingegneria Biofisica ed Elettronica dell ’Università di GenovaGenovaItaly

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