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m-Functions and inverse spectral analysis for finite and semi-infinite Jacobi matrices

  • Fritz Gesztesy
  • Barry Simon


We study inverse spectral analysis for finite and semi-infinite Jacobi matricesH. Our results include a new proof of the central result of the inverse theory (that the spectral measure determinesH). We prove an extension of the theorem of Hochstadt (who proved the result in casen = N) thatn eigenvalues of anN × N Jacobi matrixH can replace the firstn matrix elements in determiningH uniquely. We completely solve the inverse problem for (δ n , (H-z)-1 δ n ) in the caseN < ∞.


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of MissouriColumbiaUSA
  2. 2.Division of Physics, Mathematics, and AstronomyCalifornia Institute of TechnologyPasadenaUSA

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