Three-, six- and nine-carbon ozonolysis products from cottonseed oil and crudechlorella lipids

  • N. Burris


Two naturally occurring lipids were subjected to ozonolysis. Isolated cottonseed oil and crude, mixed lipid extracts of the algaChlorella yielded three-, six-, and nine-carbon compounds. Both mono-and difunctional acids and aldehydes were quantifiable. Monofunctional C9 compounds occur in higher than expected yields, apparently at the expense of difunctional C3 and C9 compounds. Yields of the compounds of interest varied from ca. 35 to 150%, depending on exact conditions. The possibility of utilizing ozonolysis of natural lipids for the production of reactive organic chemicals helps justify further research in algal lipid production.


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  • N. Burris
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  1. 1.Solar Energy Research InstituteGolden

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