Israel Journal of Mathematics

, Volume 105, Issue 1, pp 323–335 | Cite as

Values of rational functions on non-hilbertian fields and a question of Weissauer

  • P. Corvaja
  • U. Zannier


We answer in the negative a question raised by Fried and Jarden, asking whether the quotient field of a unique factorization domain with infinitely many primes is necessarily hilbertian. This implies a negative answer to a related question of Weissauer. Our constructions are simple and take place inside the field of algebraic numbers. Simultaneously we investigate the relation of hilbertianity of a fieldK with the structure of the value sets of rational functions onK: we construct a non-hilbertian subfieldK of\(\bar {\mathbb{Q}}\) such that, given anyf 1 ,…,f h ∈K(x), each of degree ≥2, the union ∪ z=1 h f z(K) does not containK.


Rational Function Prime Ideal Galois Group Number Field Algebraic Number 
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© Hebrew University 1998

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Dip. Mat. Inf.Università di UdineUdineItaly
  2. 2.Ist. Univ. Arch. D.C.A.VeneziaItaly

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