Journal of Electronics (China)

, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp 161–166 | Cite as

Linear theory of a large-orbit electron cyclotron maser

  • Liu Shenggang
  • Zhang Shichang


By using of the perturbation approach, a large-orbit electron cyclotron maser is investigated in this paper. The perturbed motion of a relativistic electron and dispersion equation for both gyrotron and gyro-peniotron are obtained, then some discussions are carried out.


Dispersion Equation Relativistic Electron Perturbation Approach Weibel Instability Axial Wave Number 
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© Science Press 1986

Authors and Affiliations

  • Liu Shenggang
    • 1
  • Zhang Shichang
    • 1
  1. 1.Chengdu Institute of Radio EngineeringChengduChina

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