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Blind loop syndrome in japan and effect of surgical treatment for patients with megaloblastic or megalocytic anemia

  • Keijiro Ishizuka
Proceedings of the 12th Autumnal Meeting Oct. 1970—Kanazawa Part I Symposium (III): blind loop syndrome


I had collected 286 cases including my own 9 cases of blind loop syndrome or disorder following shunt operation of intestine in Japanese literatures until June 1970. There were 5 cases of MBA, 15 cases of MCA, who certainly confirmed by hematologic examination. I have reviewed the clinical course and findings, therapeutic effect, especially surgical treatment and follow up results of anemia.

I have considered, if there were anatomical abnormality of gastrointestinal tract with or without MBA, MCA, these abnormality should be corrected by operation.


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  • Keijiro Ishizuka
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  1. 1.2nd Department of Surg.Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ.Japan

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