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Summer camps for diabetic children in Beging of China

  • Chun Yan
  • Feng-ying Miao
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The first summer camp for diabetic children was held in 1984 in Beijing. Since than we have held summer camp every year, the last summer camp was the fifth camp in 1988.

The purpose of summer camps for diabetic children are to train the patients and increase the skills of diabetics self-control practice. The recreation activities are also important for their good communication and psychological adaptation.

The campers of camps were 28–35 diabetic children, totally 154 participants consisting of 73 boys and 81 girls. Most of the children were 10–14 years old.

The staffs include pediatricians, nurses and others. The ratio of campers with staffs were 2.7–3.2. The session of the camps were always of five days length.

The characters of activities in camps were all the arrangements must be for diabetic children, included planning diet, insuring the urine sugar exam, insulin injection before each meal, and give some lectures for training the managed skills of diabetes, meanwhile the recreation programs and exercise were also a consisting portion of activations.

The summer camps were beneficial for diabetic children. They learned many useful techniques of diabetes and their capacity of life adaptation were increased, and the self-confidence enhanced their future daily life.


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  • Chun Yan
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  • Feng-ying Miao
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  1. 1.Division of Endocrinology, Department of PediatricsBeijing Children’s HospitalBeijingP.R. China

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