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The pancreatic function of obstructive jaundice

  • Kiyoshi Miura
Proceedings of the 55th Annual Meeting Apr. 1969—Sendai Panel Discussion: Limitation of the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Obstructive Jaundice


The diagnostic procedures of carcinoma of the pancreas were studied from morphological and functional points of view.

The diagnostic efficiencies of the carcinoma of the pancreas was low by individual procedure in each self, but it was able to become higher by combined diagnostic procedures.

However, the results of therapy, surgical or non-surgical, were still very low, even when the correct diagnosis was made. Same thing was noted in the case of carcinoma of the gall bladder and of the bile duct and choledotholithiasis.

It was stressed that the early diagnosis of the malignant tumor with jaundice was necessary for beneficial prognosis of the disease.


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  • Kiyoshi Miura
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  1. 1.3rd Medical Dept.Tohoku University School of MedicineJapan

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