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Is the role of specialists in media and information technologies in public schools changing?

  • Minaruth Galey
  • William F. Grady


  • • Certification continues to be an active issue in the states. Old certifications are being withdrawn; new certificates and new requirements are being approved and implemented.

  • • Certification for the media category typically identify practitioners with competencies in the areas of media management, media product development and design of materials.

  • • Certificates for school librarians typically identify practitioners with competencies in media management.

  • • Certificates with combination titles of School Media indicate professional preparation in both library science and media. The preparation in library science is considerably more extensive than that in media, which is directed to competencies at the introductory level in production and utilization.

  • • Media management competencies for certificates in the media category are generally selection, evaluation, classification, cataloging and utilization at the introductory level.

  • • Since the number of certificates in both media and library categories requiring classroom teaching experience has doubled, the role of classroom/instructional support may be increasingly emphasized for both media specialist and librarians.


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