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Hydraulic characteristics of chamber-free tangential vortex flow generators

  • N. V. Khanov
Hydraulic Research


Model hydraulic investigations of chamber-free tangential vortex flow generators with supply conduits having different slopes indicated that:

the hydraulic loss in the vortex generator increases with increasing swirl rate Π of the flow; this leads to a reduction in flow-rate characteristics;

an air feed to the core lowers, however negligibly, the flow factor of the vortex generator for the regimes investigated;

the parameter Π=sin β has a small range of variation when air is present in the core; this is explained by the increase in the axial velocity component in the involuted flow with increasing cross-sectional area of the core for nearly equivalentQ; and,

the stability of the core is a deciding factor for an increase in the carrying capacity of the vortex generator for shaft slopes β>75°, and is a progressive component of the velocity of the liquid inside the swirl subassembly when β<75°.


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