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Improving a technology for making cold-rolled three-layer composites

  • A. G. Kobelev
  • O. Yu. Troitskii
New in Science and Technology


Bimetallic and metallic multilayered composites with a cladding layer of copper or its alloys are now being widely used in different sectors of industry. However, the metallurgical sector cannot satisfy the growing demand for these materials due to the lack of a sufficiently inexpensive and productive method of making them. The most efficient of the known methods is cold caldding of coiled materials. This method makes it possible to automate and modernize the process of making composite laminates, obtain the requisite properties and microstructure of the components during different stages of the production process, and thus ensure the necessary level of physicomechanical and service properties in the finished product.


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  • A. G. Kobelev
  • O. Yu. Troitskii

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