Strength of Materials

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Plastic zone near the crack tip in a material with strain anisotropy caused by loading along spatial rectilinear trajectories

  • V. N. Bastun
Scientific and Technical Section


The equation of the boundary of the plastic zone near the tip of a mode I crack is deduced for the case of a plate made of a material with strain anisotropy. It is assumed that the anisotropy is caused by hardening in the process of plastic deformation performed prior to the appearance of the crack under loading along arbitrary rectilinear trajectories in the space of the stress tensor. An analysis of this equation demonstrates that the main factors affecting the shape and size of the plastic zone are the level of plastic strains accumulated in the process of preloading, their sign, and the orientation of the crack relative to the axes of anisotropy.


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  • V. N. Bastun
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  1. 1.Ukrainian Zonal Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Civil EngineeringKievUkraine

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