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C-semigroups and strongly continuous semigroups

  • Ralph deLaubenfels


We show that, whenA generates aC-semigroup, then there existsY such that [M(C)] →YX, andA| Y , the restriction ofA toY, generates a strongly continuous semigroup, where ↪ means “is continuously embedded in” and ‖x[Im(C)]≡‖C −1 x‖. There also existsW such that [C(W)] →XW, and an operatorB such thatA=B| X andB generates a strongly continuous semigroup onW. If theC-semigroup is exponentially bounded, thenY andW may be chosen to be Banach spaces; in general,Y andW are Frechet spaces. If ρ(A) is nonempty, the converse is also true.

We construct fractional powers of generators of boundedC-semigroups.


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  • Ralph deLaubenfels
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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsOhio UniversityAthensUSA

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