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Typhoid fever in children

  • J. N. Pohowalla


Typhoid fever in children occurs commonly in this region. It is not difficult to recognise the disease if the condition is borne in mind when dealing with a child suffering from fever of some days duration realising that the clinical picture as seen in children is markedly different from the descriptions found in text-books of internal medicine.

One looks with some degree of satisfaction at the progress mad e during the last two decades in the control of typhoid fever in children. However, this control is restricted narrowly to combating the infection contracted by the child because, at least in this region, it has not been possible effectively to control the spread of infection which is due to the unfortunate circumstances of scocioeconomic conditions and sanitary habits of a large proportion of the population which do not permit eradication of the disease.

The successful use of anti-typhoid drugs have brought in its wake problems of sequelae in children surviving from severe infections, especially if the nervous system is also involved. Such problems were encountered very infrequently in the past because the severe infections of this type almost invarialy terminated fatally.

Eradication of typhoid fever from this land is not going to be an easy task. Country wide vaccination does not appear to be practicable at present. Public health measures and clean water supply by themselves would not solve the problem until the living conditions and sanitary habits of the population as a whole improve to the extent of preventing the spread of the disease through human discharges.


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