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The diagnosis of neuroblastoma

  • S. K. Dikshit
  • O. P. Bansal


The diagnosis of neuroblastoma is briefly discussed and an illustrative case of neuroblastoma of the suprarenal is reported who did not have a clearly discernable abdominal lump on clinical examination, and who presented with some other diagnostic problems.

The importance of presacral air insufflation in such a case is emphasized.

It is advocated that the safe and simple procedure of bone marrow aspiration should be done in all suspected cases of neuroblastoma, and in all obscure cases presenting with bone pains, lump in the abdomen and anaemia of undetermined aetiology.

Diagnostically helpful features on marrow examination are described.


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  • S. K. Dikshit
    • 1
  • O. P. Bansal
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  1. 1.Agra

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