The Indian Journal of Pediatrics

, Volume 43, Issue 9, pp 259–264 | Cite as

Accidents and poisoning in children with reference to data from India and Canada

  • R. K. Chandra


Accidents, especially vehicular trauma, falls and poisoning, are the most frequent cause of death in many populations where nutritional and infectious disorders have been largely climinated. In infant unexplained crib deaths continue to coor in significant numbers. The interaction of the host, the hazardous agent and the environment, including the intermedian are important in the genesis of accident morbidity and mortality. The developmental characteristics of the young, sexsocio-economic status, season and familia factors contribute to the incidence of such hazards. Child abuse as a cause of physic and mental trauma is on the increase. The consequences of accidents can vary. severity from temporary physical disability to death. Much of this suffering and low of life is potentially preventable, especially in the case of road injuries and poisoning Among other measures, legal enforcement of car safety regulations, child resistan containers for filling prescriptions, keeping medicines out of the reach of young children ready availability of medical and firsth-aid help and family and community education would help in reducing the incidence and severity of accidental injury, much of which is potentially preventable.


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