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A study of blood glucose level in the newborn—From birth to 7 days

  • M. Bhalla
  • J. R. Srivastava
  • J. N. Bhalla
  • D. N. Sinha
  • B. K. Sur


Blood sugar values have been determined by the method of Sharmaet al. in three groups of newborns viz., normal, small for date and preterm. The values in small for date babies were significantly different from normal ones.

The small for date babies showed the lowest mean blood glucose value of 32 mg percent at age 13 to 18 hours and preterm newborns also had a mean value of 31.8 mg percent at the same age. The rate of fall of blood glucose was faster in small for date neonates.

Males had slightly less blood glucose values than females and birth weight as such had no significant effect on blood glucose value. Preterm babies had a group mean value of 39.8 mg percent as compared to 47.2 mg percent in term babies.

The mean blood glucose value was higher by a factor of 1.6 mg percent in femoral vein blood as compared to a heel prick sample.


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  • M. Bhalla
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  • J. R. Srivastava
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  • J. N. Bhalla
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  • D. N. Sinha
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  • B. K. Sur
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