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Tuberculosis in children

  • O. N. Bhakoo
  • S. P. Gupte
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Observations on 149 children with tuberculosis are presented and discussed with special reference to the available data from India.

The majority of the cases were young males and belonged to the low socio-economic group. Only 15% had a definite history of contact; nearly half of the patients gave a history of measles, whooping cough or chicken pox in the recent past.

The over-all incidence of the primary complex was 43%; 7.3% of these cases had associated pulmonary complications.

Pleural effusion accounted for 4.0% of the cases, superficial lymphadenopathy 20.0%, meningitis 8.0%, intra-abodominal tuberculosis 11%, skeletal tuberculosis 8.0% and chronic pulmonary tuberculosis 6.0%.


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  • O. N. Bhakoo
    • 1
  • S. P. Gupte
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