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Myocyte-specific enhancer binding factor 2C expression in fetal mouse brain development

  • Dana Leifer
  • You-Lan Li
  • Kristina Wehr
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We have previously found that myocyte-specific enhancer binding factor 2C (MEF2C) is expressed in the brain, where it is found at high levels in the developing cerebral cortex. We have now examined MEF2C expression in fetal mouse brain byin situ hybridization and by immunohistochemistry from E11 to E17, the period when most cortical neurons are born. The distribution of MEF2C mRNA detected byin situ hybridization closely resembles that of MEF2C immunoreactivity. MEF2C is not present in proliferative zones in the brain. It is present at high levels in cells that have migrated to the subplate and cortical plate. MEF2C is also found in the olfactory bulb at high levels and at lower levels in hippocampus, basal forebrain, striatum, cerebellum, and inferior colliculus, and in some nuclei of the hypothalamus, thalamus and brainstem. The pattern of expression suggests that MEF2C is expressed in a subset of postmitotic neurons in the brain and that it may therefore function to promote terminal differentiation of the cells that express it.

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  • Dana Leifer
    • 1
  • You-Lan Li
    • 1
  • Kristina Wehr
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of NeurologyYale University School of Medicine, LC17New Haven

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