Il Nuovo Cimento (1955-1965)

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On the lorentz-covariant approximation method in general relativity

II. - Second approximation
  • R. P. Kerr


In this paper we have calculated the equations of motion and of spin to the second approximation by the method derived by the author in the first paper of this series. The results are completely analogous to those derived byPapapetrou (1) for a pole-dipole particle. However, following the spirit ofEinstein, Infeld andHoffman, we have derived them from the field outside the particle whereasPapapetrou derived them from an energy momentum tensor.


Nel presente lavoro abbiamo calcolato in seconda approssimazione le equazioni del moto e dello spin col metodo esposto dall’autore nel primo articolo di questa serie. I risultati sono del tutto analoghi a quelli derivati daPapapetrou (1) per una particella polo-dipolo. Tuttavia, seguendo i concetti diEinstein, Infeld eHoffman, li abbiamo derivati dal campo esterno alla particella mentrePapapetrou li aveva derivati da un tensore impulso-energia.


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  • R. P. Kerr
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  1. 1.Trinity CollegeCambridge

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