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Benign acute childhood myositis

  • Sarala Rajajee
  • S. Ezhilarasi
  • K. Rajarajan
Original Article


Objective: To describe the clinical and laboratory features of benign acute childhood myositis.Methods : 40 children of BACM were seen during October 2001 to February 2002, 22 (52%) were male with mean age of 5.3 years. Duration of illness was 3.97 days. Preceding symptoms included fever, leg pain, vomiting and inability to walk. A provisional diagnosis of viral myositis was made in 26 (66%). Guillian Barre Syndrome was the most common referral diagnosis.Results: 11 (27.5%) children had leucopenia with lymphocytic response and 16 (40%) had thrombocytopenia. CRP was negative in 32 (80%). CPK was markedly elevated (more than 1000 IU/I) in 18 (45%) and more than 500IU/I in 11 (27.5%) remaining between 200 to 500IU/ I. Associated features were hepatitis (elevated SGOT & SGPT) in 28 (70%) and shock in 5 (12.5%).Serological test were indicative of dengue virus (Elisa PAN BIO) in 20 (50%) of which 8 (25%) were primary dengue and 12 (30%) were secondary dengue. The outcome of therapy mainly supportive were excellent.Conclusion: Benign acute myositis occurs often in association with viral infection. In the present study, Dengue virus was positive in 20 (50%) children. Benign acute myositis can be differentiated from more serious causes of walking difficulty by presence of calf and thigh muscle tenderness on stretching, normal power and deep tendon reflex and elevated CPK.

Key words

Myositis Dengue virus Guillian Barre Syndrome 


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  1. 1.Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust HospitalChennaiIndia

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