Il Nuovo Cimento A Series 11

, Volume 109, Issue 6–7, pp 851–861 | Cite as

Beauty semi-leptonic branching ratios

  • M. Schmitt


Recent measurements of inclusive and exclusive semi-leptonic b branching ratios are reviewed. Model-independent analyses from ARGUS and CLEO confirm the value BR(b→ℓνX)=10.4%, while new analyses from ALEPH obtain higher values above 11%. The difference is not consistent with measured values of b hadron lifetime. New measurements of BR(B→D*ℓν) from CLEO and ALEPH are in good agreement. First measurements of B→D*πℓν branching ratios from OPAL, DELPHI, and ALEPH confirm indirect evidence for a large D** component in semi-leptonic B decays.


13.20.He - Decays of bottom mesons 


13.30.Ce - Leptonic and semileptonic decays 


01.30.Cc - Conference proceedings 


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  1. 1.University of WisconsinUSA

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